Dr. Hartmut Bösch

Dr. Hartmut Bösch
Research Fellow
Email: hb100@leicester.ac.uk

Tel: [+44] (0)116 252 2273
Fax: [+44] (0)116 252 2464
Room: SRC:110

Postal Address:
Earth Observation Science, Space Research Centre, Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Leicester, University Road, Leicester,

Primary Research Areas

My broad interests cover the composition and the chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere and the associated feedbacks on the Earths ecosystems, the atmospheric radiative transfer and climate. More specifically, I am interested in studying the global distribution of greenhouse gases and their sources and sinks, the impact of clouds on radiative transfer and the development of new instrument concepts. I have also performed considerable research in the field of chemistry of the upper troposphere – lower stratosphere region, in particular of halogen species . In my current and my previous research, I have focused on the analysis and interpretation of remote sensing observations mostly from satellites, but also from balloons and from the ground. Currently, my major research interest is remote sensing measurements of greenhouse gases, which is an exiting, quickly evolving field. I plan to study the carbon cycle by using the retrievals of the different carbon gases CO2, CH4 and CO from near-infrared observations of SCIAMACHY and from thermal emission observations of AIRS, TES or IASI. The dedicated CO2 missions Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO - NASA) and GOSAT (JAXA/NIES) will be launched end of 2008 and they will provide CO2 measurements from space with unprecedented precision. I am a Science Team Associate of the OCO mission and I have spent several years at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA), where I have worked on the OCO retrieval algorithm development.

Journal Publications

A full list of publications is available in PDF format by clicking here

Links to related work

Orbiting Carbon Observatory

Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT)

SCIAMACHY CO2 Retrievals (at University of Leicester)

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